James Schiller Paul

Founder, Schiller Productions LLC

“It always starts with a spark”…and it is that spark that began as a child for James Paul that ignited a flame that has fueled his passion and love for film. Even from his youngest years, his mind has always given birth to some of the most creative and imaginative pictures. Paul envisioned stories in his head before they ever made it to paper. It is this type of creativity that runs through his veins that has afforded Paul countless opportunities as he ventured into the industry. It is the sheer thrill of taking an idea, and transforming it into reality. Ironically, James Paul ‘s early development in the industry began on the opposite side of the stage. He began on the side that determined whether or not the making of a show or movie was within the budget to begin production. Paul’s career path as an accountant to many household shows and movies, like The Sopranos, Third Watch, and Men in Black II and several others paved the way for him to look inside and see how shows were produced, directed and shot from beginning to end. This inside look piqued his interest. He successfully acquired knowledge from both ends. From an accountant to instructing college students, Paul has taken what he’s learned and passed that information to students who aspire to see their names rolled in the credits. Recently, applying his knowledge more personally, with the brainchild of Schiller Productions. It is with the creation of Paul’s company that gives life to all of his newest ideas and productions, from music and film to commercials and marketing, and acts as a platform for others who seek assistance in making their dreams a reality. Schiller Productions, named after his late father, and his middle name, continuously serves as a reminder of what’s most important to him, which is family. While film and music is his passion, his family is his true first love. Paul holds a B.A. in Mass Communications with a concentration in Radio/TV/Film, with a minor in Marketing, from Delaware State University. Dedicated and committed to perfecting his craft, Paul is currently obtaining a Masters of Fine Arts for Motion Picture Films. A true Northerner, as he hails from New Jersey, but was smitten with the likes of Atlanta, where he currently resides.